Massages and Swimming Pool

During your stay why not enjoy a relaxing spa day or massage in the garden with our professional masseuse or in our large swimming pool. The pool area also has sunbeds for those wanting to lounge in the sun, or take refuge from the heat under our thatch shaded canopies.
​We also provide beauty packages with our entrusted beautician who can provide a "mix and match" menu so satisfy all your health and beauty needs.

Game Drives

Our most recommended trip by far is provided by a very charming South African gentleman called Jannie. He works for the most famous game auction house in South Africa and is also part of the Game Breeding Association. Jannie is able to show you the very best examples of South African Game. They breed the biggest and highest quality of game animals in Africa. They are most famous for selling the highest recorded buffolo price of £9887315.30.  This impressive farm contains everything from the stunning white lion and African cape buffalo down to the elegant grey duiker, vervet monkey and warthog. There are over 40 different species of animals present on these outings, a wonderful chance to take video footage and photographs. From the back of our game viewing vehicle with elevated seats you get a lovely view of the landscape. 

Water Activities

We are spoilt with the vaal river winding along our accommodation. We can offer a late evening cruse up and down the river on a float. This is a 20ft flat bottomed platform where drinks and nibbles are served whilst the sun sets over the river.
We also have well maintained paths down to the river for those who may enjoy sunbathing, BBQing or birdwatching and of course there are some superb areas for paddling for any little people staying with us.

Kimberly Big Hole and Diamonds

Another highly recommended trip, the northern cape of South Africa where the farm is situated is one of the richest areas in Africa for diamonds. With mines in the area as well as museums it is a great way to find out the true way in which diamonds have and are being mined. One of the biggest and oldest mines in South Africa is just 40 minutes south of us, there is a museum, cultural village, southerner shop as well as trip around the mine itself. During the day it is also possible to visit a fully working mine where you will see first hand how the earth is removed and sieved for the elusive diamond. 

This trip is usually a favorite with our guests. 

Cheetah Experience and Bloemfontein

Cheetah Experience is a non-profit organisation in Bloemfontein with the aim to protect and save endangered species. They are home to an array of big cats and animals alike, from cheetahs to lions to meerkats and wolves. Cheetah Experience offer tours which are perfect for any big cat lovers, and gives you the perfect opportunity to take a day out in the beautiful city of Bloemfontein. Tours range from guided group tours, to two hour photography tours and 'Make A Difference' days! Cheetah Experience even offer a volunteer program for any friends or family wishing to spend some time with the big cats and help in the conservation and preservation. If you want to get up close and personal with with the big cats this is the place for you! For more information on Cheetah Experience click here.

Trips cost £100 per person per day. Children for free. Lunch, drinks and transport is provided and you will be guided by Indigo or Jacqui our trusted South African friend who will ensure you have a safe and comfortable trip whilst being able to experience what South Africa has to offer.