Crocodile Hunting in South Africa and Zimbabwe

These prehistoric reptiles can measure as much as 16ft in length and be one of the most difficult of the dangerous seven to place a vital shot on. Being an aquatic reptile they often venture out of the water to feed or warm themselves on the banks of rivers or dams which is where shots are often taken. 

We have great areas in both Zimbabwe and South Africa for crocodile. Our concessions in Zimbabwe often produce crocodiles of over 14ft in length.

Outstanding natural beauty

The areas we have hunting rights to for both large and small game are something to behold. The views are absolutely breath taking and with vast numbers of wildlife, it is an adventurers paradise. 

Included in the price

Depending on the area we choose to hunt will determine the accommodation we offer. whether it be a 5* lodge or a luxury bush camp we have something for everyone. 

The complex nature of this hunt means we ask all clients to contact us directly to arrange a package that perfectly suits there needs.

Please email us for pricing