Hippo Hunting in South Africa

The mighty Hippo is said to be responsible for more human fatalities in African than any other wild animal. There aggressive nature comes as a shock to some people, there placid and calm persona can quickly change in aggression.

Wide spread throughout Southern Africa and weighing in at a healthy 2800-3200kg the bull hippo is a wonderful trophy and often shocks people with its sheer size when it emerges from the water.

Outstanding natural beauty

The areas we have  hunting rights to for both large and small game are something to behold. The views are absolutely breath taking and with vast numbers of wildlife, it is an adventurers paradise. 

Included in the price

Hunters must provide their own firearms which can be brought into South Africa without any problems at all.

Depending on the area we choose to hunt will determine the accommodation we offer. whether it be a 5* lodge or a luxury bush camp we have something for everyone. 

please email us for pricing