Leopard Hunting in Zimbabwe

The smallest but in our opinion the most difficult of all the Big Game animals to take is the leopard. There shy nature and unpredictable habits make them extremely difficult to hunt. 

For the last two years South Africa has released no permits allowing leopard to be hunted but we hope this will change in 2018\19 as some of our areas in South Africa are showing some truly huge tom leopards. 

Zimbabwe is where our leopard hunts are done with great success. Our team of professionals amount to some of the best in the business and are experts at outwitting these secretive cats.

Outstanding natural beauty

The areas we have hunting rights to for both large and small game are something to behold. The views are absolutely breath taking and with vast numbers of wildlife, it is an adventurers paradise. 

Included in the price

Depending on the area we choose to hunt will determine the accommodation we offer. whether it be a 5* lodge or a luxury bush camp we have something for everyone. 

The complex nature of this hunt means we ask all clients to contact us directly to arrange a package that perfectly suits there needs.

Please email us for pricing