Plains game hunting. The most exciting and unpredictable forms of hunting anywhere in the world

The pursuit of plains game in Africa is possibly one of the most exciting and unpredictable forms of hunting anywhere in the world. There is no better feeling than when your presence is unknown and the faint breeze brushes against your face. With the first rays of sun protruding over the bush, the divide between the evidence of night time traffic on game trails and the chatter of the bird life appears all around you. To me this is the pinnacle of hunting.

With over 25 species of animals on our hunting concessions you never know what will appear from behind the next row of trees or patch of dense white thorn or acacia bushes. It makes for an exciting hunt full of stories and memories to last a life time.

Whatever your choice of weapon, bow, cross bow, muzzle loader or rifle we cater for your every need. We have over 20 bow blinds, high seats and brush blinds over many thousands of acres of land with an abundance of game in every area. We pride ourselves in finding prime hunting areas for the animals you wish to harvest along with some magnificent trophies along the way.



We recommend calibers of 243 and above for hunting plains game in Africa depending on your intended quarry, with some of the more popular calibers being 308, 30.06, 300 win and 375. With such a vast array of animals on offer and the terrain being so diverse it is not uncommon to be hunting in thick bush during the morning where shots may not exceed 50 paces then out to the vast plain where a shot of 250 paces may be necessary to secure you intended quarry.

There are many hundreds of compound and recurve hunting bows on the market today and are all more than capable of a lethal shot. We recommend a minimum of a 50lb draw weight along with a large cutting diameter broadhead. Some we would recommend through experience are, Rage 2 blades, G5 outdoor T3, Tru-fire T-1 and shuttle T-lock - all of which have accounted for a good number of african game.

Included in the price

Our 4 star game lodge is the base for all plains game hunts. Hunters must provide their own firearms which can be brought into south Africa without any problems at all.

Please get in contact so we can tailor make a package to meet you personal need and requirements.