Dove Shooting Shooting in South Africa

Our dove shooting is done over peanut fields with English pigeon magnets and decoys. The fields can exceed 400 acres and are feeding grounds for literally tens of thousands of doves. We currently shoot doves on over 6000 acres of peanuts and sunflower fields so it is never an issue finding the birds. We can guarantee every gun will have the chance of taking 250 doves per afternoon, with 2 people firing over 2000 cartridges in a day possible. It is more than possible to increase the number to well in excess of 500 birds with at times. 

Outstanding natural beauty

The mountain ranges and small towns surrounding our 6000 acres of pigeon and dove shooting act as a roosting and breeding ground the the birds. There huge numbers cause a big problem for local farmers with crop loss due to the birds becoming a bigger and bigger problem every year. 

Dove Shooting in South Africa

Included in the price

Our 4 star game lodge is the base for all wing shooting trips. Hunters must provide their own firearms which can be brought into South Africa without any problems at all.

  • All transportation inside South Africa
  • 5 days hunting 6 nights accommodation
  • All meals and snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Wine with meals
  • Guides

Flights, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, ammunition and cartridges are NOT included in the price.

Please email for prices

All our wing shooting is in one package including

Ducks and Geese

Doves and Pigeons

Guineafowl, Francolin and Sandgrouse

(based on a minimum of 4 persons)